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Best investment of the decade: Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin is a trend again and captures everyone’s attention with a summary that gives a lot to talk about being the best investment of the decade.

Beyond all the controversy behind the price of bitcoin. Despite the pump and dumps trends, market volatility, and future predictions. Something is very clear about these last years.

Bitcoin is the king and not only within the world of cryptocurrencies.

If we take all the assets and best investment options, investing in bitcoin was the best choice of this decade and, secondly, our beloved Ethereum.

Undoubtedly, this creates a more extensive spread than any market analysis. This information reaches beyond the borders that today limited to those who know about blockchain or cryptocurrencies. Every intrepid investor pays attention to these performance graphs.

It’s easier if you don’t pay attention to the price to see that Bitcoin was the best investment.

While we are all worried about how Bitcoin will perform the next months, many already have decided to shut down their phones and stop watching the price every day.

Once someone told:

The best way to manage your long term investment is to check how it is performing every February 29.

Is it still the best investment?

We have already made a post about why bitcoin can reach new all-time highs in this article.

There are hundreds or even thousands of articles and analysis from former economists talking about why and how the price will rocket. Wealthy characters from multiple sectors of the economy are or have bought bitcoin in recent months, beyond the price. It is a long-term investment, and whoever wants something more volatile and fluctuating should look for another alternative.

One decent and realistic goal that everyone should aim at is to have at least 1 Bitcoin and hold it for the next decade.

Here in unBlocked, we believe that not only Bitcoin but crypto and blockchain are groundbreaking technologies. This is a one-time event on humanity. So it was the Radio, the Television, the PC, the internet, live stream platforms and so on.

If you want to buy Bitcoins in 2019, this is your last chance. Check out the top tier exchanges to do it, and don’t hesitate too much.

#Happynewyear 2020

unBlocked team.

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