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Kraken exchange has one of the best APIs for trading cryptocurrencies.

Beyond not being the most famous exchange on earth, nor having incredibly high volumes, Kraken exchange has one of the best APIs among exchanges.

According to CryptoAPI, the quality of Kraken’s API is one of the best in terms of response time, up-time, limits, quality, and reliability. The US-based exchange may not be the first choice among regular crypto users. Kraken exchange hasn’t the highest daily trading volume nor the variety of cryptocurrencies to trade on it. Despite that, it cares about their API quality, mostly because of large traders, and institutional traders preferring trading with an API (read article).

Kraken exchange results:

kraken exchange api

Having an incredible low median response time of 31ms, and easy to use API, 100% Up-time and many features for traders gives them a spot among the best APIs (source: CryptoAPI)

This means that no matter where on the globe you are located, you will have a very low (and maybe the lowest) latency for trading over API. Something vital to take your business at a global scale is taking care of that your offered services have the same quality for everyone on the planet.

Regular checks and investment make this possible, and Kraken exchange is one example to follow.

The future is now:

Investing in your platform and technology is always right. Kraken exchange knows it, and they do it. Keeping your platform fresh, easy to use, updated, and more important, secure, and reliable is the only way to stay alive in this cryptocurrency exchange war nowadays. With more than three hundred competitors on the market, if you are an exchange owner, you definitely can’t lose the pace, or your competitors will overcome you.

You can be the “Top” exchange during a period, we have all seen this in different case scenarios, and this won’t last forever. But something does – Quality never goes out of style.

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