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YouTube: We made “the wrong call.”

YouTube accidentally purged cryptocurrency education videos this week from its video sharing site, but appears to have restored them, according to a spokesperson. Nonetheless, content creators tell a different story.

Replying to claims that deliberately removed material from ChrisDunnTV’s cryptocurrency educational channels, Crypto Tips, BTC Sessions and others in what appeared to be hundreds of removed clips, the spokesman stated YouTube made “the wrong call.”

The official statement:

Eventually we make a wrong call with the massive volume of videos on our website. When we are informed that a video was accidentally deleted, we act quickly to restore it. We do offer the ability to appeal removals to uploaders and we will review the content,

The spokesman said. Following past inadvertent video purges, YouTube released nearly similar comments.

The spokesman also confirmed that YouTube has not altered any rules on cryptocurrency clips.

Nonetheless, some YouTubers say that their deleted videos are still unavailable. Chris Dunn, who operates a 200,000 user investment education platform and a multi-year video library, says purge has progressively escalated after he successfully appealed for his deletions.

“Not only did YouTube take down the videos they re-established yesterday today, but they took down at least another one they never took down before,” Dunn said.

A number of videos from Dunn’s channel and others ,such as Crypto Tips, are still missing at press time. The following questions have not yet been answered by YouTube.

Chris Dunn War:

The conflicting statements will certainly increase the furious speculation about why YouTube first deleted the videos. There are plenty of hypotheses. Dunn admits that he has no idea why it happened–not all of his deleted videos had to do with cryptography–but he said it might be the work of someone “maliciously reporting” him and others, or maybe faulty video flagging AI.

Dunn said YouTube classified videos as “harmful or dangerous content” and “regulated goods sales.” Dunn told that he does not sell products on his channel and not to monetize his videos with advertising.

Original tweet

Regardless of the intentionality of the recent crackdown, Dunn said he and other content creators have seen YouTube restrict material that they find to be unacceptable to themselves or their advertisers.

He pointed to YouTube’s demonetization of violent political images, such as footage of demonstrations in Hong Kong, and its new software extension terms, including a potentially far-reaching consequences provision for the termination of accounts.

YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable,” reads the Dec. 10 ToS update.

The actions to take against Youtube:

Dunn said he interprets that authors who don’t make money can be fired by YouTube. He told he was seriously considering absolutely walking away from YouTube. Contacted on Thursday for further comment, Dunn said he had a farewell video ready to go and was just waiting to clear up the situation.

Dunn’s plan, if he provokes the nuclear option: migrate his content to “decentralized platforms” in which no single organization exercises business control.

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